Whales do not sing because they have an answer, they sing because they have a song

When it comes to living our lives, some people seem to always be looking for a purpose – a reason for everything and a reason to do anything. 

We seek fulfillment through love, through jobs and careers, our friends and hobbies. We’re desperate to have a purpose and to understand the meaning of all of it. Why are we here and why do we do what we do?

But what if you let go of the idea that everything needs a purpose? What if you let go of all the musts for a moment, just to be present right here and now? 

What if you decided to sing, just to sing, but not necessarily because you have an answer?

Just enjoy where you are at this moment. Isn’t it enough to just be alive, and to be here, experiencing the full beauty and wonder of life?

A whale does not sing because it has an answer, but because it has a song. It sings simply because it wants to, and to share something beautiful with its surroundings. Doing what comes naturally to us, and to just live in the present and enjoy the beauty of life.

Maybe you are living your purpose right now…

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