Why are we scared to ‘Live’?

It can be trivial, I get that. Chill out, get your sh*t together, blah blah blah, take better care of yourself, just do it, experience it…

A man who saw death sitting thoughtfully in the chair has the silence inside. Distracting silence, no fear. Fear ended some time ago, it ended up like tears and only life lasts now.

People like stability. We are creatures of habits, stable equals comfort.

Education, work, then marriage and then time for children. And then? They don’t know that anymore. All these plans are built on the premise that we will be here forever. We analyse, we choose strategies for the future, we keep track of fixed points, we build these houses with cards. We wonder for hours on the past: why did this happen? And why did not I do otherwise? And what will be tomorrow? And if I do not like it? And if I say something stupid? And if we do not meet again? It is easier for us to admit that it is weak than good.

Meanwhile our lives often change in a second. We are never stable enough…

So, why are we so scared? Most of us live the life as just as our parents taught us. They gave us certain goals, some phobias and a large portion of fear. “Do not do that, because you are ridiculous.”, “You have to be rational in life.” “You too young to understand.” “Take something that will give you a certain profession.” “Stop dreaming, get down to earth.”

We start to build our image from a very young age. We do it at work, at home, on Facebook, Instagram, etc. And at some point we do not really know who we are. We do not know what we want & if we do not know what we want we get used to what we’ve got…

Change it is difficult. It’s like changing the operating system on your laptop, we get discouraged. People change in stages. I am different than I was five years ago. And in five years I will be even more different. I did a great job. I’m less afraid. I feel more. But at the same time there’s more things I ignore.

I now know that most things that got me out of balance were not that serious. Of course, I was angry and cortisol was jumping up. Now I’m asking myself, is it really worth it? What is the worst that can happen? Why are you nervous?

When was the breakthrough? There were many…

I think I just stopped reflecting on what other people think of me.

To reach this stage you have to accept yourself and your desires.

I don’t want to be right, I just want to be happy. I want to live the life of my dreams and go with my passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

Believe in your dreams & goals. Chase them. Chase them until you’re out of breath.

Don’t settle.

As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it.

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