The Big Red Rock 

We made it. There’s about 3000km from Sydney to Ayers Rock. The longest drive we have done in 3ish days. 

Everything about the drive was exceptional.  Maybe not the length but hay, you gotta test your limits.

There’s about 50 pictues of The Rock on my phone, and about 150 on two other cameras. And it’s a one bloody rock. 

It is majestic, don’t get me wrong, it makes you feel very small and fragile. There’s so much power in the one giant red rock.

We had 2 days in the Uluru region. 

Everything comes to life within the sunrise, the sky changes, there this beautiful glow across the rock.

One thing, or maybe not one sorry, about 7million things. Flies. 

Above there’s a picture that makes us such tourists. But otherwise I would have a clue on each eyeball, nose and probably a few in my mouth. Because why not. Cheeky.

Make sure that when you’re there, You stay for both sunset and the sunrise. It is worth it. Walk a bit further, to avoid feeling like a sardine with all the people. There’s so much space around it and no need to say just in the touristy point. 

Spend the day there. Embrace the quiet. 

This is not about hipster thing of finding yourself. 

There’s not many places in the world where you can feel the silence. 

There’s just a few left where you can still breathe and have that time for yourself.

We are the society of stalkers and sharers. Ever if some of us don’t want to be, we are. I am. (Not a rocket science with this blog eh). 

Give yourself a break. 

I think this is what it did to me. The moment to think, a second to switch off, A minute to revise.

Just by reading this blog, you will get to know me. Friends, you don’t really have to catch up with then every now and then, they kinda know your life from social media. With all the sharing and connectivity sometimes we forget about that human interaction, that important factor of life right?

Being in a place like this helps, You are not online, not constantly connected. We talk on regular basis but do we really?

It is worth it. It’s worth it to stop for a second and re think. 

It helps, the things I worry about sometimes are so small, countless moments of sweating the small stuff. 

There’s more than that. And maybe you don’t have to go on a almost offline roadtrip to figure it out or remind yourself about it. But hey, why not. 

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