$423 & dirty feet 

Regardless of what anyone tell you about Uluru, whether it’s worth it or not. Don’t listen, just do it. 

It took us almost 3 years and an accidental/cyclone cancellation of the other holidays to go and do it. 

With our (some say fake 4×4) Mitsubishi ASX and yeah, do it in a fiat panda if you have one because you don’t need a Jeep or special driving skills (note, I don’t drive often, I’m a terrible driver so thank fuck for straight line roads). 

The road, it’s awesome. You will get tired, a lot but with the whole time to think and contemplate it’s worth every mile. 

I’m not good with the whole switching off business. I am always bloody on, the time offline gives so much more than I thought it ever would. 

We bother about small stuff, we argue lost cases, we care about things that are little and sometimes not worth our time. 

Being ‘off’ for a day or two gave me a different perspective. 

Cruise control. Remember this. 

It is so easy to get lost in a conversation and drive in that one straight line direction. Its also easy to forget that you are driving 140km an hour. Because Hey, I can’t really feel it…


And then it’s this. The colour of the tarmac, the rought surfice, the unspoiled landscape. 

Fill the head with madness and magic, gives you a chance to forget about your day to day life, your job, your little worries, thing that matter but just in altar ‘real life’s.

We have arrived. 

More later…

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