Tropical cyclone and Easter eggs…

And how we are not going to New Caledonia but road tripping instead….

I thought I planned it well and all that. Well, clearly I forgot about the small little tiny tiny tropical cyclone season in the Asia Pacific region. 

So yesterday, we found out that everything just went to shits and we are not flying to New Caledonia or Crackedonia for 8 days of relax, beaching, diving and all that. (We will, thanks to the lovely customer service people… just not now).

What to do…

Road trip. 

Going back a little we slept in the car or a tent on regular basis, Europe and Canada to be more specific.

So there we go, we are on our way to this big rock in the middle of nowhere.. I mean Australia…

Leaving like today, actually now. There’s about 8 days to kill… trip.. drive.. something. 

I am about to document that, with 2 cameras, goPro and my eyes/brains + wordpress.

Ever since I remember I wanted this. Actually, David Attenborough made me want this. 

Now, we are in our fake 4×4 drive packed with a lot of water  (yes David, Ben) starting this little adventure exploring business. 

There’s even this little funny looking machine from back in the past…

Expect updates.

As long as there’s ze internets…;) 

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